Discovery module

DDS discovery datacentric memory execution serialization platform protocol transport portable system toolchain

This module is responsible for the discovery operation of the DDS implementation.

In the current version of Safe DDS, the provided DDS APIs do not allow changing the default discovery mechanism, and therefore, the provided implementation is compliant with OMG DDS specification v1.4 Simple Discovery Protocol.

API Reference

For more information about discovery::IDiscovery interface, please refer to discovery::IDiscovery

Configuring memory utilization

The discovery module provides different configuration approaches depending on the DDS API used.

  1. When using the Classic DDS API, the discovery memory is configured using the allocations().discovery_configuration attribute of DomainParticipantQos. By default, this attribute is set to DEFAULT_MEMORY_CONFIG which means that unlimited remote entities can be discovered.

  2. On the other hand, when using the Static DDS API, the discovery memory is statically allocated using the templated parameters of StaticDomainParticipant, as shown in Static memory example.