Protocol module

DDS discovery datacentric memory execution serialization platform protocol transport portable system toolchain

This module is responsible for the wire protocol operation of the DDS implementation.

In the current version of Safe DDS, the provided DDS APIs do not allow changing the wire protocol mechanism; the provided implementation is compliant with OMG DDSI-RTPS specification v2.5.

Protocol module and its protocol::rtps implementation can be used to create lightweight DDS-interoperable applications that do not require the full DDS API.

By leveraging provided implementation, it is possible to create rtps::Reader and rtps::Writer entities which can communicate with other DDS entities using the RTPS protocol:

Those two entities will need the application to provide a set of interface implementations that allow them to interact with samples databases, reliability behaviours, network flow controlling, etc.

This interfaces are:

Those entities will interface with the Transport module by means of the following interfaces:

An RTPS implementation of protocol::IProcessor and related utilities such a message dispatcher can be found in: