DDS Layer

eProsima’s Safe DDS provides a fully compliant Data Distribution Service (DDS) Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe (DCPS) Platform Independent Model (PIM) API, as defined by the Data Distribution Service (DDS) version 1.4 specification.

In this section, the main characteristics and modes-of-use of this API are explained:

  • Infrastructure: This subsection delineates the entities that can be created in Safe DDS, along with their features, constraints, and interfaces.

  • Domain: The concept of a DDS domain is defined here, along with the main entities involved in its operation.

  • Topic: The notion of a DDS topic and its primary attributes within the context of Safe DDS are outlined.

  • Publication: In this subsection, the concept of DDS publication is elaborated upon, discussing its key features and the manner in which it functions within Safe DDS.

  • Subscription: This part of the documentation focuses on the idea of DDS subscription, detailing its essential characteristics and the role it plays in Safe DDS.