The Subscriber acts on behalf of one or several DataReader objects. It serves as a container that allows grouping different DataReader objects to manage the unprocessed callbacks through an optional SubscriberQos.

DataReader objects that belong to the same Subscriber do not have any other relation among each and act independently. Specifically, a Subscriber can host DataReader objects for different Topic and data types.

Safe DDS Usage

Safe-DDS Subscriber ISpinnable interface implemented methods are currently unimplemented.


SubscriberQos controls the behavior of the Subscriber. Internally it contains the following Policy objects:

  • entity_factory_qos as EntityFactoryQosPolicy

    Defines if the Publisher will automatically enable created subentities or not.


// Construct SubscriberQos with default values
SubscriberQos subscriber_qos{};

// By default autoenable_created_entities is true, set to false
subscriber_qos.entity_factory_qos().autoenable_created_entities = false;