This section explains the usage of Safe DDS-Gen tool and briefly describes the generated files.

Running the Safe DDS-Gen Java application

First, the steps outlined in Installation must be completed for the installation of Safe DDS-Gen. If the scripts folder path is added to the PATH environment variable, Safe DDS-Gen can be executed running the following command:

$ safeddsgen


In case the PATH has not been modified, these scripts can be found in the <safeddsgen_directory>/scripts directory.

Supported options

The expected argument list of the application is:

safeddsgen [<options>] <IDL file> [<IDL file> ...]

Where the option choices are:




Shows the help information


Shows the current version of eProsima Safe DDS-Gen

-D <directory>

Sets the output directory where the generated files are created

-I <directory>

Add directory to preprocessor include paths

-T <directory>

Sets a specific directory for preprocessor temporary files


disables the preprocessor

--preprocessor <path>

Specifies the preprocessor to use